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innovation and development to construct good faith hospital and high quality hospital to provide quality

Hospital configures many advanced equipments ,such as PET - CT, SPECT, 128 row 256 layer spiral CT, 16 row helical CT, 1.5 T double gradient magnetic resonance system, digital tablet angiography (DSA), Digital X-ray machine, heart and abdominal special color ultrasonic, endoscopic ultrasonography, DR, 96 leads electrophysiological and catheter workstations, automatic biochemical analyzer, senior general surgical microscope, electronic sinus mirror, electronic bronchoscope, electronic gastroscope, electronic duodenum mirror, electronic colonoscopy, electronic hysteroscopy, electronic laparoscopic, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and so on, more than ten thousand yuan of medical equipment 905 units (pieces), the total value of that is 260 million yuan.The equipments provide a reliable guarantee for accurate, timely, scientific medical diagnosis.
Hospital is equipped with 12 clean operating rooms(clean laminar flow operation room) in the department of surgery, 7 ten thousand class clean OR, 1 thousands class clean OR, 4 hundreds class clean OR ;The value of equipment in Intensive care unit is over 300000 yuan, configuring import ECG monitor, breathing machine, Cardiac defibrillators, color ultrasonic and so on equipments. Central sterile supply department is equipped with advanced sterilizer, Cleaning sterilizer and dry ark and so on cleanning equipments to providing powerful guarantee for medical infection control.
Hospital has always been to "health, human eternal pursuit" as the goal, adhered to the " Cherish every opportunity to serve for you, try to do perfectly each time " service concept, based on in good faith, quality, service, relied on talent, technology, innovation and development to construct good faith hospital and high quality hospital to provide quality health care and service for the guests! With the
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