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The using process of medical card
一、The main function of medical card
1. It can store the information of cardholder and provide reference for again diagnosis and treatment .
2. It has the function of registration, payment and recharge and can effectively shorten the waiting time.
3. The cardholder can understand the cost of treatment and evaluate the quality of medical service.
二、The method of getting card
1 , according to the second generation ID card directly get it.
2 , according to the personal information and documents get it.
3 , the first card with personal information is free, if you lost the card or want to get the second card ,you must to pay 5 yuan, so please safekeeping it.
三、The requirements of seeing a doctor and getting the card
1, First of all, getting the card ,then seeing a doctor.
2 , the minimum recharge amount is registration fee and the cost of checkup .
3, our advice is storeing 300-1000 yuan ,you can reduce the number of queuing and save treatment time .
四、The place
the windows of getting card and recharging in outpatient.
五、How to use the medical card
When remaining sum is sufficient  inside card :
1 , You can directly see a doctor carrying your medical card;
2 , You can directly obtain examination , treatment and medicine using your medical card in outpatient or emergency department.
3, When the treatment is completed, according to your needs, You can print out the invoice, refund remaining sum and recharge in the settlement window of outpatient lobby.
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